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DalaCalifornia.se is an independent publication launched in August 2022. We are a small family living in Dalarna in Sweden and on this site we share some road trips (mostly in Sweden) as well as modifications of our camping bus, a popular VW California Beach T6.1.

Occasionally we link to (installation) products on sites where we may get a tiny commission on sales. In most cases however, these products only exist directly via the manufacturer's website as they are quite specialised products made in small batches by small companies in which case we do not get any commission from there. In all cases, we have paid in full for any item we present here, all opinions are our own and therefore we can give honest feedback as to what works well and what could be improved. Usually a bit of research time was spent to get the right thing the first time, and forums like Caliboard.de in Germany provides a huge amount of ideas and feedback - it's worth signing up over there even if you speak little or no German just to browser people's installation images.  

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Where to buy T6/T6.1 California vehicle & camping gear:

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