Led Lenser X21R search light (5000 lumen)

If you couldn't tell already, we love having enough light. Perhaps because we don't have so many daylight hours throughout a couple of  winter months, or just because it is great to be able to see very well in the dark at all times.

In any case, a quality flashlight is useful for so much more than camping, and we wanted a quality one for our van, for nighttime animal spotting and checking out what's around us when we're camping far from campgrounds.

The Led Lenser brand is high quality, this particular model has been updated a few times over the last years and our model is rechargeable, has 5000 lumens max output, including easily selectable lower modes as well as a strobe effect.

The flashlight holder and charger is mounted onto the passenger seat in the bus, and plugged in to the 230V socket underneath the drivers seat every now and then.

Led Lenser X21R in its charging mount on the passenger seat in the Beach. Powered by the 230V output on the driver seat once a month or so. Also, time for a van clean again :-)
Junior looking for animals with the X21R.