Maxtraxx sand-/snow-boards

Maxtraxx sandboards and useful holders for the California van.

Maxtraxx are made in Australia and generally considered to be one of the best brands for high quality sand-boards. While we rarely venture into sandy situations, these boards are super-useful in snow as well, or to bring the car into a level sleeping position with the help of a branch or rock.

We got the Maxtraxx MKII in Gunmetal Grey to match our Indium Grey California van.

MAXTRAX MKII Gunmetal Grey | World’s Best Recovery Tracks
The original MAXTRAX recovery tracks! Our Gunmetal Grey MAXTRAX are a perfect match for your gunmetal or graphite 4WD.

In order to mount them outside the vehicle, there are several options, some mount them on the roof, some on a bike rack on the back, but most pick the side mount option for ease of access.

Airline-tracks are commonly used in the automotive industry due to their flexibility. We got a pre-bent airline-track which mounts in the top-rail and attaches with magnets to the metal-body beneath the windows, this forms the base upon holders for specific tools like the sand-boards or shovels can be attached. The one we use are from NurmalKurzRaus (

While four rods to hold the sand-boards would work, we found a clever Maxtraxx holder and a similar shovel-blade holder from the german company Relleum Design:

Maxtraxx holder in stainless steel

approx. 26 EUR

Shovel blade holder

approx. 26 EUR