Calicap - weather protection - not just for the 'Cold North'

Calicap is a product made in Germany by the same guys running the the popular forums. It is a weather protection for the upstairs sleeping area ("tent") to give extra insulation and weather protection from rain and snow and ice. It is easily stowed away "inside" a chair in the back of the bus when not in use (really compact in other words), and thanks to a clever mounting system where most parts can remain on the bus, it takes about five minutes to set up and take down.

As we are camping in all seasons, we definitely think this is a worthwhile addition to the gear list, just like their other popular product, the Calidrawer (comes in various depths as well as widths to fit the Beach or Coast/Ocean), these two items are probably besides a quality fridge the three things to get first for a California Beach, closely followed by window storage bags (we use Qubic's) and if more storage is needed, the Felleisen Roofer storage unit is awesome - see our other posts on these topics).

Prices start at 298 EUR for a cover with no openings, to super-advanced versions with windows and front- and side openings for ventilation and views as well as an opening in the roof part so solar- and/or roof racks can still be used - prices ending at around 690 EUR.

Calicap™ II Wetterschutzhaben Das Original Unser California Dachüberzug, die sogenannte Mütze, ist nicht nur die ideale Lösung wenn Sie mit…

We opted for the "Topless" variant, meaning it has a large opening on the top (duh) and allows for roof racks, ski racks, solar panels etc. to remain in place and still do their thing when the Calicap is mounted.

Here it is with the Terranger Dachgepäckträger Leicht roof rack:

Note: The Calicap usually has top-screws securing it to the roof. Where the Terranger roof rack is "over" the Calicap towards the back, these screws no longer fit. However, by shortening the bolts from the Calicap mounts about 10mm underneath the Terranger roof rack, the Calicap can easily be pulled on and is secure enough without the screws on top.