Strands Siberia Red Fox backing lights

Powerful reversing lights for trailer use, warning/hazard lights and built-in "follow lights".

Our camper van is not only used for family holidays, but also as a towing vehicle for boats, trailers and even occasionally a hovercraft (within the local Sea Rescue).

A lot of light helps manouvering with a trailer, as it's never a good idea to miss a rock or ditch behind the bus and trailer.

Strands have a product which combines both a powerful wide backing light (1 lux @ around 160m!) and a flashing orange warning/hazard light, and even a selectable follow-light function in orange or red, more on that later.

The lights were quicklu mounted on the roof rack ("Terranger Dachgepäckträger Leicht", see separate article), and are angled outwards. Additionally, a Strands RV (inexpensive white reversing light - around 40 Euro and 1 lux @ around 260m) which is aimed straight back completes the light setup for reversing.

For the final wiring, we added a waterproof connector box on the top and run a five-lead cable through the roof and the interior of the car to a switch panel (see separate article) in the front to control all the light options of the Strands Red Fox.

See the article about the Strands Dark Knight Identity installation on this site for more pictures of that part.

If we had only chosen a white reversing light, we could simply have run a 12V cable to the lights and added a XBB PowerUnit to control it via Bluetooth.

Here's a short video of the Red Fox in action:

And the reversing light is pretty powerful now - ideal for reversing with a trailer or just generally to have more light on narrow forest roads.