Road trip: Gotland, Sweden

"Da braucht man net nach Fuerteventura fahr'n..." ("There is no need to go to Fuerteventura.." said an elderly woman to her husband whilst strolling along the kilometer long sandy beach in Åminne Camping on Gotland. And right she is.

Gotland is a bit of a sunshine magnet, the only way to get there with a car is by a 3 hour ferry ride twice a day so traffic is often quite limited, even in the most touristy summer weeks.

Gotland is Sweden's largest island, yet it is very convenient to travel across. Every town is just about 20-30 minutes from the next, with plenty of beautiful bays, great food and amazing scenery and beaches.

Visby is world famous for its ancient walls and churches, rose-lines little alleys and magnificent museums and historical treasures.

We stayed the first night at a campsite just north of Visby, within walking distance to the old town and enjoyed a great Italian meal.

The following day we traveled north and on-wards to Åminne Camping for two nights. After swimming and paddle-boarding on the great beach and little inlet behind it, we ventured on to our last night on Gotland before getting the ferry back again to the mainland.