Terranger Dachgepäckträger Leicht

Terranger Dachgepäckträger Leicht

For the occasional bulky extra item (tent / Solo Stove / 3x WolfPack Pro's) as well as having a simple mounting platform for extra lights, CB radio antenna etc., the Terranger platform is a very capable piece of equipment.

It weights 19kg, leaving around 30kg of weight for luggage as the California roof is rated for 50 kg.

After receiving the Frontrunner WolfPack Pro boxes, one with the higher lid to probably transport some firewood, this is probably going to be the main use for it.

Other roof-rack options for the California include the short version of the Frontrunner Slim II for the California, or Rolling Space (Germany), and Thule (Sweden). Australian ARB has great platforms, unfortunately they do not fit the California roof.

It is important to know that there is no point having a large roof platform over the entire length of the roof as you could do on a Multivan/Transporter/Caravelle etc. because of the weight limit. Stronger supports for the manual California roof  (see article on Hinscha 580N on this site) are a good idea for additional safety when sleeping upstairs/snow loads/ease of opening.

Access is either via the rear mounted Frontrunner ladder (see images, very easy installation), or via the wheels.

With the Calicap Topless mounted. For fitting the Calicap, just remove the two screws on the roof farthest back and shorten the vertical bolts about 5-6mm - the Calicap "holes" can then easily be pulled over the bolt and are secured by the Terranger roof rack from blowing off. Sounds harder than it is... it all works great! :-)
Strands Siberia Red Fox (RF) mounted in the Airline-rack on top off the Terranger Dachgepäckträger Leicht. We're running two of these and a Strands RV reversing light in the middle. We're can be almost as bright reversing as we are driving forwards ;-)

As far as usable storage goes, three Frontrunner Wolf Pack Pro's fit perfectly and can be attached with the Frontrunner StretchIts (we got one long, and two short ones - this article will be updated).