Felleisen Roofer

Felleisen Roofer

On the California Ocean, there is a useful storage area (and two speakers) in the back of the van.

On the Beach, the rear speakers are situated in the side panels, more on that in the audio upgrade article). But crucially, there is no storage option in the rear from the factory.

Felleisen, a German company making high quality side/window pockets and other smart storage solutions, came up with the "Roofer" - a "three bag-ceiling-mounted-storage-system" for the Beach.

The installation is super-easy - lift the roof, slide the steel mounting brackets (comes with soft material spacers) onto the rear solid wood-board of the upper bed, attach a couple of screws and you're done with the sturdy mounting bracket.

Now simply attach the three soft bags (all made of a heavy-duty, water-resistant material) to the bracket and enjoy a lot more storage, totally out of the way of anything else.

Common questions:

How much do they hold?
One bag will easily hold all the swim gear and beach towels for a holiday for 3-4 people. Or a full-size Baltic SAR rescue vest as used in the Sea Rescue teams.

Do they inhibit the view backwards?
To be honest, yes, a little. But if say the middle one is not fully stuffed with things, it can also be compressed "upwards" to be slimmer, allowing for more view backwards. There is still plenty of view left to reverse etc., but you may not see a car further behind you on the motorway if that makes sense(?).

Would you buy them again?
Absolutely. They seem expensive at first, but are very well made and do offer a lot of extra storage, which is both easily accessible from the back/outside and the front/interior, as well as not really impacting anything negatively by their position. In fact, after the CaliDrawer and the Qubic side-pockets, it is in our Top-3 "get this item" for the Beach.

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